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How much ground coffee to make espresso

We all start with whole beans, right? I always make my espresso-based drinks with a "double shot". The other day I heard an expression I'm not familiar with, what was it now? Oh yeah, something that sounded like "single shot". If you know what that is, please let me know. So for my double shot of espresso, 2 x 2 tablespoons of whole beans works out perfectly. The scoop that comes with your machine will be calibrated to fit your portafilter, so after grinding I get two scoops of ground coffee. That's perfect for the perfect cup of espresso coffee. You'll find that your portafilter will have a sweet spot: too little or too much and you end up with an inferior extraction. Just experiment to find your machines sweet spot but essentially, it's close to 2 tablespoons per shot.

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