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Recipe for Homemade Blended Iced Coffee

There's no need to break out in a sweat while satisfying your caffeine addiction in the heat of the summer. Well, actually, if you're an addict like me, you'll still drink a flat white in the middle of the day in summer even though you're going to break out into a sweat. Let's call it the price of addiction. But then again, some hot summer days it's worth the trouble of making a blended iced coffee. Here's my quick and easy recipe for a refreshing iced blended espresso coffee drink that will satisfy your taste buds and your caffeine addiction.

Making Blended Iced-Coffee

Serves two to three thirsty coffee addicts

10oz / 300ml ice cubes
10oz / 300ml cold milk
4 tablespoons of your favorite powdered iced coffee mix such as Caffe D'Vita available at
4 shots of freshly brewed espresso coffee (extract 2 double shots one after the other)

Place the ice in a blender with the milk and powdered coffee mix and start the blender. Meanwhile, extract 4 shots of espresso into a pitcher. Add to the blender and continue to blend until thoroughly mixed and ice completely blended. Pour into serving glass with a few additional ice cubes if required.

Have fun with your drink by adding whipped cream on top if you like it (not for me, thanks). Another possible addition is powdered chocolate sprinkled on top. Sometimes I have added chocolate espresso beans to the blender to give a chocolate and caffeine buzz to the mix, but don't do this if you don't like a bit of "grit" in the drink because the espresso beans are not going to dissolve. And of course, you can always add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the blender. Yum! Get creative and Enjoy!

Tip on How to Sweeten Iced Coffee Drinks
If you or your guests like their coffee sweetened, dissolve some sugar into hot water in a small pitcher to make a sweet syrup. Add the syrup to the iced-coffee. This way you don't end up with un-dissolved sugar crystals in your drink.

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