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Types of Espresso Coffee Drinks / Expresso Coffee Terminology

  • Espresso: Coffee drink made by extracting coffee under pressure from finely ground coffee beans using very hot water (Italian: Caffe French: Expresso)
  • Ristretto (Italian for "shortened"): Espresso coffee drink extracted using less water, yielding a stronger taste. In some countries referred to as a "short black"
  • Lungo (Italian for "long"): Espresso made by running about double the amount of water through the ground coffee. In some countries referred to as a "long black"
  • Doppio (Italian for "double": Two measures of ground coffee beans. In most English-speaking countries, referred to as a "double shot"
  • Americano: Espresso coffee with additional hot water added to the extracted coffee. (Note, the additional hot water is not run through the coffee as in the case of "lungo" or "long black")
  • Corretto ("Corrected"): Italian, in which liquor, particularly "grappa" is added to the extracted espresso coffee

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