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The Guardian Online Cites Our Flat White Guidelines

Wow! Can you believe that Espresso Coffee Snobs got a mention in the UK's Guardian newspaper?!

This post about making a "flat-white", which is a popular espresso-based coffee drink from Australia/NZ, was linked to in this article in the Guardian newspaper online yesterday. I only found out about it because I just noticed the traffic to my blog had suddenly taken a big jump.

The link to my Espresso Coffee Snobs post is in the article where the writer says "But it’s actually a little more complicated and pretentious) than that."

(c) John Corney
True flat whites look like this
I guess I'm going to have to go to Starbucks to see how they do with their flat whites, but I know already that it really can't be a true flat white if you can get it tall, vente, or grande. As any of my devoted coffee snob devotees will tell you, one of the key things about a flat white is that the espresso is not to be overwhelmed by milk. If you do want to try one at Starbucks just to see, then I recommend you get a "tall" (small), but even that is going to have too much milk in it. In my opinion, Starbucks is just trying to ride the flat white wave that is encircling the globe.

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